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Learn by Doing – Sunny 16

Assignment #30 – Sunny 16

The rule for Sunny 16 goes like this… On a sunny day set your camera to:

shutter speed 100
ISO 100

Your picture will turn out! Now if you want to adjust your shutter speed make sure you adjust your ISO to the reciprocal ISO. For instance if you have a fast moving scene and want your shutter speed at 400 then you need to adjust your ISO to 400 as well.

I went out to the Fort today to practice this technique for the most part every time I set my settings to follow the Sunny 16 rule my meter read perfect! Sometimes it would bounce around, but I think it’s a good starting point on a sunny day!

1. So first…. make sure you have a sunny day. This rule only works when you have a sunny day.

2. Set your aperture to f/16

3. Set your shutter speed/ISO – remember if you set your shutter to 100 set your ISO to 100. If you set you shutter speed to 400 make sure to set your ISO to 400 and so on. Why do you need to do this? ISO is your camera’s sensitivity to light if your ISO is at a higher number you’re letting more light in. So if you change your shutter speed to a faster shutter speed which will let less light in then you need to add light with your ISO.

4. If it’s not sunny out you can adjust the rule:

f/22 snow/sand
f/16 sunny
f/11 slight overcast
f/8 overcast
1/5.6 heavy overcast
f/4 open shade/sunset

Here is a great explanation of Sunny 16 by ldlikes

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