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Learn by Doing – Abstract Photography

Assignment #28  – Abstract Photography

This week notice everything down to the smallest detail and find abstract art within.  For this one you don’t even have to stray from your house if you don’t want. Walk around the outside and the inside looking for something you didn’t notice before. Find colors and shapes from something ordinary objects that you might pass everyday and not see. Or take to the highway and find that rare brick building or the a building where the paint is slowing lifting and pulling away from the door.

I found this a block away from my house on a walk. Rust on an old blue truck. As I looked at the truck that I pass everyday I looked close to see the patterns rust has formed over time. Some formed random looking hearts or waves of motion.

At almost 100 years Lester Hayes, the pioneer of Abstract Photography gives an amazing interview. He talks about when he came along everyone used a camera to photograph what you saw which was real. There was abstract paintings, but no one had ever captured abstract photography!

Here is a great tutorial on abstract photography Part I at RonBigelow.com. Goes into great detail on using color, covers and forms. He goes into detail about the techniques and subject matter finding opportunities of abstract photography.

Remember you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on DigitalCamFan FaceBook wall. If you have questions about “Learn By Doing” Please refer to the guideline page. If you have no questions post away!

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