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Learn by Doing – Motion blur with a flash

Assignment #27 Motion blur using panning and a flash.

Panning is when you move the camera parallel to and at the same time as your subject. The result your subject in focus and the background blurred. Panning is usually done with a slow shutter speed around 1/8 sec – 1/60 sec. Trial and error seems to be the best learning technique. After taking about 50 pictures of my daughter at the carousel the last few pictures were starting to feel right. I felt like there was a smoothness to my motion which wasn’t there in the beginning as I tried to pan from left to right.

Just recently I learned more about panning with your flash. The added flash can help freeze some of the movement. Here are my settings for this picture:

Shutter Speed 1/20 sec
Aperture f/9
ISO 1000
Flash -2

What I learned – focus on the area before you subject comes into view. Since I was standing in the same place at the carousel and knew where I was taking the picture I made sure to pre-focus on that area. Next I messed with my settings until I felt they were correct after that all I had left was to practice my panning!

This was a great tutorial I found by JumpJimFlash extremely helpful!

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