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Day 6 – Hot air ballons

What a treat! On our bike ride this evening we turned the corner to see 3 hot air balloons in the distance. So of course we turned right around and headed home for my camera. They were giving rides at the fair ground rising above the ground about 20 feet or so and coming back down.

We rode our bikes up close and watched for a bit and then headed to the backside to see if we could get some silhouettes of the balloons.

It feels like it has been raining for weeks, but around dinner time tonight the clouds moved on and the sun came out. Our bike ride was beautiful everything is so green! We rode our bikes home just as the sun set watching it turn from orange to pink!

Day 6 finds us in the midst of 3 hot air balloons on this weeks challenge to take a picture everyday for 7 days!

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