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Day 4 – Gardening

Oh how I love to garden! I am not the best gardener by any means, but I sure do love it!  This year we doubled our garden size from the previous year. Rented a rototiller bought some compost and started planting!

Hopefully the snow stays away now! In Montana one never knows what the weather will be like. For instance I got married on June 7th in a snow storm that crumpled our tent forcing us all retreat to the house. Only for the sun to come out after the ceremony bringing nothing but beautiful blue skies, melting all the snow! It was perfect!

We have a ton of seeds planted! The kids took 3 rows just for pumpkins… They are hoping to get enough pumpkins to have a pumpkin stand in October instead of a lemonade stand! Luckily I have two gardeners who love to help in the yard!

Today is day 4 of taking a picture everyday for 7 days!

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