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Day 1

Assignment #26 7 days 7  pictures – here is my first picture!

Today brought nothing but rain, but I love it! I only wish I had more planted in my garden! So far tomatoes, corn, celery, squash and broccoli. Still have about half a garden ready to  be planted. That is this week’s project!

I took this picture coming home this afternoon from the grocery store. Very low clouds with lots and lots of rain. I am about to put my rain jacket on, head phones and head out for a quick run on this beautiful day!

Tried to get a cool picture of a car driving through a puddle. Kat and I sat in the parking lot for quick some time and this was the best we got. I think if I got out of the car and sat on the sidewalk it would have been better, but too much rain and big splashes made us say nah!

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