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Learn by Doing – Composition in Photography

Assignment #25 – Take a picture any picture, but really think about your picture before you take it.

What is your subject? Do you like the colors? Should you move your subject over? Ah so much to think about besides just learning how to use your camera! Thanks for the composition idea @Paul! We could all use some tips on this subject! I myself know I still have a ton to learn!

You can have a 20 different people shooting the same scene and yet every single one of them will leave with a different picture. Everyone sees something different when looking at a sunset, everyone sees something different when looking at a single flower. For me sometimes I see what I want to take a picture of, but it’s hard to bring that picture to life. Find your own style and go with it.

I took a photography class on composition awhile back. I pulled out my notes…

  • Keep it simple – What is the subject of your picture
  • Move in Closer – Our tendency is to take in way too much.  Sometimes you have to choose between sky or landscape. You don’t have to have everything in the picture, keep it simple
  • Are you taking a picture of your subject or the building behind them, decide what your subject is and make that the focus
  • Rules of thirds – When looking through your viewfinder picture 3 horizontal lines and 3 vertical lines. Where these lines intersect is where you would place your subject. The idea is that it makes your image more balanced. There have actually been studies done that say your eye naturally goes to these intersecting points rather than right to the center of the picture.
  • Shapes – any prominent shapes triangles, circles etc. What about lines are there straight lines or curvy lines like a river.  See them and use them.
  • Strongest number in photography is 3 often forms a triangle. You might see three flowers lined up together etc.
  • When looking at the horizon don’t cut your picture in half try focusing on the horizon about 1/3 from the bottom or top.  If you’re taking a reflection in the water that might be an exception.
  • Negative space can be a good think
  • All secondary subjects should support the main subject
  • Color – are there complimentary colors in your picture, no color take note of the colors around you

In the end he said all rules are made to be broken… go with what you love!

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