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Learn by Doing – How to capture lightning

Assignment #24 Capturing lighting…. Now I know everyone won’t get a lightning storm this week or maybe for a few months. But when lightning finally strikes would love to see your pictures!

This just in…. check out this amazing lightning photograph by Steve… How to capture lightning!

Thank-you @Dianne for suggesting this one! Take a moment to check out some of Dianne’s work on Prairie Girl Photography  she did an amazing one of the moon this past month!

Lightning is one of those beautiful moments you don’t see often but when it strikes you want to be prepared. I admit this is an old picture of mine, but I don’t for see any lightning in our future here, but if it comes I will add my new picture.

What I learned about capturing lightning –  I needed patience and mother nature to work with me. This picture used a shutter speed 1/4 sec / Manual / F/3.5.

A tripod is definitely helpful for this one  since you will be using a longer shutter speed. Lightning comes and goes in an instant so if you leave you shutter open for awhile your chances are better that you will capture it.  If the area you’re in is pretty dark meaning not many street lights or city lights you shouldn’t have a problem leaving your shutter open for a long period of time. When I did mine it was mostly testing. Took a picture adjusted setting then waited for more lightning.

Sometimes you get only small wisps of lightning. If you’re on a tripod and take multiple pictures in the same location you can blend them all together to create a crazy lightning storm in one photo.

Manual focus – You don’t want your camera to continually try to find something to focus on instead find your focus and then just leave it there. One less thing to worry about.

I found this article on how to photograph lightning that had some great tips! It talks a lot about SLR cameras, but that translates easy to Digital.



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