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A beautiful moment

With work, school, kids activities and everything else that gets thrown into the wash some days just blend into other days and I have to look at the calendar to see what day it is. These are the days I forget how truly lucky I am.

I recently volunteered to be a kindergarten soccer coach.  It came as a surprise, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of it. Taking me out of my  normal routine to try something new. Plus I liked the idea of Cade my 11 year old son taking on a new role.  We had a long talk about how important his role would be. This was the first time these kids would be introduced to a sport, he would have to patient and listen to the kids, become a teacher and teach and make this fun for them. He would have to commit to it and not back out once he said yes. He was all for it.

Last Sunday game started out quite comical. My side of the field was pure chaos during warm ups. Three kids were chasing Cade around the field while the others were all kicking the ball in the goal at the same time. I was trying to get them to line up, but after waiting for 30 minutes to get their team picture taken they had enough. I looked at the other coach and said my team is warmed up how about yours. He of course had a straight line of kids all taking their turns kicking the ball in. I looked at my side and although it looked chaotic they were all laughing.

Once the game started they were great and played awesome! At one point in the game my daughter took the ball from the opposite end and took it all the way down the field to score. She was fast… with some amazing moves. Not once did she bend down to pick a flower or chase a butterfly she was focused. My son walks up to me and says “wow she is really good” Anytime a brother compliments his little sister a mom smiles inside… I could hear people on the side lines people I didn’t know talking about her speed and skill. I turn to see my husband all smiles and proud taking pictures on the side line, and for a moment life slows down and I say thank you!



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