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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Understanding Exposure Compensation

On this weeks “Learn by Doing” we wanted to try out the idea presented in Bryan Peterson’s book “Understanding Exposure“. The question what happens when your image is mostly green. His idea meter your image at -2/3 stop!

Metering still confuses me! Even though exposure seems like photography 101 I think I will be trying to understand it for my entire photography career! I still have to think about it every time I come to a tricky situation when my scene is mostly white black or high contrast.  I have to think add light to light or add dark to dark. Now I have a new trick in my pocket to think about when my image is mostly green.

This tutorial is a great tutorial that talks about just that… exposure compensation.  At about 6 minutes into the video he shows us how sensitive our meter is. He first takes a picture of Erica with mostly white, but her black hair is down. The next picture is her hair pulled back with just that change he had to adjust his exposure!

Now here is the good stuff that pertains to this weeks assignment! At about 8 minutes he does an awesome tutorial on how to adjust your exposure compensation! He explains how to change exposure compensation in aperture priority and shutter priority as well as what to do if you’re in manual mode!

Take a moment to check out some of their other videos… great job!

Learn by Doing this week was from the book

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