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Learn By Doing – Easter Day

Assignment #19 Easter Day

This week is not so much a challenge, but just getting out and taking a picture. When you think of Easter what do you think about? Do pastel colors come to mind or fingers brightly colored from dying all those Easter eggs. What about the moment the race begins and the kids run like the wind to find as many eggs as possible. …. When I think of Easter it brings up thoughts of spending time with my family, coloring Easter eggs, baking, eating, hiding and hunting Easter eggs. The look of innocence Easter morning and the anticipation Easter night.

So for me I took a picture of some eggs we finished dying this evening. a bit of advice for anyone with brightly colored fingers. How do you get Easter dye off your hands? Baking soda and vinegar! Pour vinegar in a bowl add baking soda and rub. If it’s still not completely off put some oil on your hands add a little sugar rub and then wash. Worked like a charm! And there was a lot of color on those itty bitty egg dying hands tonight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Day!

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