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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Converting to Black & White from Color using Film and Filter

Recently I took a photography class – beginners guide to black and white as well as advanced black and white! They were quick classes each only lasting 4 weeks, but I learned a lot in that time. One of the things we learned was how to convert your color pictures into black and white. This is one of those techniques that can be used with any Photoshop version including elements.

Here is a picture of a flower I took at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans:

Choose Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Hue/Saturation
Name this layer Filter
Change the Mode to Color then click OK

Choose Layer – New Adjustment Layer  – Hue/Saturation again
Now you want to name this layer Film press ok

Your hue/saturation should be open so go ahead move the saturation slider all the way to the left -100. This will turn your picture gray.

Your screen should look like this:

Click on the layer that says filter in the layers panel drag the Hue slider left and right to create different black and white effects. To adjust individual colors select a color family from the edit list and then move the Hue slider. Just play with them all until you get the picture you desire!

Next I will go into dodge and burn as well as other techniques on how to turn your picture into a black and white image!

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