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Learn By Doing – I said Freeze!

Assignment #14 – Freeze the motion of Water

Turn up that shutter speed this week and see if you can freeze some water.  You can head to the river or stay in the comfort of your own home. I choose to stay in my warm cozy home and try this weeks assignment.

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I asked my daughter Kat if she wanted to help me with a project. Once I said it involved food coloring and water she was all over it.  By the end of the project the counter as well as ten little fingers were stained the color of a rainbow! But we got the shot!

There was some nice light coming in  kitchen window filling the room with lots light. Using the overcast sky as the backdrop my daughter stood on a chair a slowly poured water into the sink. Well first she got to pick  her color and then she slowly poured into the sink.  We tried different cups and bowls, but this one ended up being the best in the batch.  The two settings I played with in Photoshop were contrast and levels to get my background to turn white instead of gray.

This picture was shot at 1600 sec for the shutter speed using my 50mm Canon lens at f/2.8

Found this great article on shutter speed you might want to check out at Cambridge in Colour

This week – Freeze the motion of water…. any water!


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