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Learn By Doing Photography

Learn By Doing – Side Light Photography

Assignment #10 – Learn By Doing – Take a picture with side light.

I am excited to see your pictures! You can post at the bottom of this post or on DigitalCamFan FaceBook wall. If you have questions about “Learn By Doing” Please refer to the guideline page. If you have no questions post away!

Shadows can bring a picture to life making it almost feel 3D.  This picture I took in my living room last night. It only stands about 6 inches high. I set it on a little table with a black sheet set up about 4 feet behind. I  positioned myself  about 1 foot in front. Turned all the lights off except for the one light I had on to the left.

Awhile back I took this same picture, but I set it up again because I thought it made a good example of side light plus I wanted to take the picture using monochrome as well.

I am tying to slow down as I take pictures. Instead of being just happy that my subject is in the frame. I want to see more…  I want to see where the light is coming from and where the shadows fall. Next time I am at a park with the kids in the sun light I want to remember to think about side light. Think about where the sun is and where I am. Since I can’t move the sun I need to move!

Happy clicking! Hope you find the side light!

This picture was taken with the Canon 60D and the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens!

Taken on Manual
ISO – 100
Focal length – 50mm

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