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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Deciding on a style… color or monochrome today!

As you may know I am taking a night time class “intro to black and white”! Because of this my posts might be consumed with black and white.  The assignment I was given was to take 2 pictures of everything (one in color and one in black and white) Find set of pictures you like the color better and the other set is where you think  black and white brought your picture to life. This was a great exercise!

What I learned… I looked in complete opposite directions for both pictures! When I was looking for color I was looking for bold, bright beautiful colors. When I was trying to find a picture in black and white I was looking for shadows, contrast different angles of light.

Here are my two pictures. This first one I picked the color photo I thought the colors jumped out too much to go black and white on this one.

On this next one I choose the black and white because I thought it added more depth and interest to the to picture!



Pick up your camera and try it! I learned a lot in fact I am still taking pictures and looking at both to see which I like better and why!



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