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Why black and white photography?

First question of the night at my intro to black and white photography class last week. Well actually it was the third question first two were name and camera model, but those were easy to answer.

The third made me think… she wanted an example. She wasn’t looking for an answer like “I want to see in black and white” A lot of  answers revolved around  Ansel Adams or personal experiences.

I thought about it… when did I see in black and white, when is the first time I thought, wow! Of course I have always admired black at white photography. But when did I as a photographer want to see myself in black and white.

This is where I need to say a sincere thank-you to @dcharlwood You can also view his work at www.charlwoodphotography.com and his flickr stream or you might have a photography question for him.

I bought my first Canon Rebel in 2009 and started DigitalCamFan soon after that I signed on to twitter for the first time. I asked a question i can’t remember what the question was, but David answered me…. He was kind and encouraging. I saw his photos on flickr and saw photography as art. I thought wow I love photography and I love this community. Not once has there been a day where I didn’t feel only encouragement from photographers helping me along the way.

At about that same time my grandma was visiting I had taken a picture of her at a tea house. I had just bought the Canon 50mm lens and was excited to try it out.

Of course I loved the picture for my own personal reasons. My grandma is simply one of the most amazing ladies I know… seriously… She inspires me every day to be better.

David took that picture and converted it to black and white. I loved it even more. That is the moment I thought I love black and white. I love the depth her wrinkles have, the timelessness of this picture, the simplicity, the contrast the elegance, an emotion!

I have this picture hanging in my kitchen! So thank-you David for helping me see in black and white!

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