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Are you thinking about purchasing a backdrop?

Are you thinking about purchasing a backdrop, but think it might be to expensive?

When you think of buying a backdrop you might think big bucks, but really it doesn’t have to be. Check out these photo background Backdrop equipment for under $200 including lights!

Having an easy to set up back drop is pretty great I must say! What I have found works great is buying drapes to use as a back drop. They slide on the bar nicely and don’t wrinkle too bad.  Even if you don’t want to buy the backdrop stand having some black curtains on hand is nice when you want that solid background. They have the loops on them so they hang nicely pretty much anywhere!. Or if you’re crafty head on over to the fabric store and just buy some fabric.  Fold one side over about four inches and sew and walla you have yourself a back drop curtain. Curtains work great!

I have the SP2000 Backdrop Support Stand that I bought for $69.95. List price is $299.95, but it’s 77% off right now.

I think it’s perfect for what I use it for! Taking pictures of my kids usually, but if I am experimenting or taking pictures of whatever it’s nice to have the option of a solid background. Moving the light around trying to get the picture you want with out the sofa in the background is nice!

Plus it doesn’t take up much space once you put it away.  It comes with a bag that everything folds nicely into for easy storage and to carry!

Official Product Description for the SP2000 Backdrop:

Super fast set-uptakes one man less than 5 minutes
Holds canvas, muslin or paper
Telescopic cross bar extends to 10ft.
Stands extend up to 8ft. 6in.
Extra wide footprint for added stability


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