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A reason to take black and white!

I guess you don’t need a reason to take black and white! But I felt like a had a purpose with my camera in hand while taking pictures at the grocery store.  Stopping to admire the fruit and the brightly colored vegetables.  I followed my kids around all day taking pictures of them and anything else that seemed interesting. From the book store to grocery store to all the other exciting errands which I am sure they were thrilled to do on a Saturday afternoon!

We spent a long time at the book store… All three in our own section and then regrouping to see what we picked out. I of course was in the photography section. Cade ventured into space researching planets and Kat searched for fairies.

I took a ton of pictures over the weekend and asked them many  many times which picture  was  better the color or black and white. I thanked them for their patience with a huge cinnamon roll that which disappeared in about 2 seconds!

All my pictures were taken using a Canon 60D and the Canon 50mm f/1.8

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