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Learn By Doing – Focal Length (Assignment #7)

This week our assignment was working with focal length! I know when you choose a longer focal length you’re able to zoom in on your subject. What I didn’t realize was how much compression occurs when you do this!

Armed with my 18mm-55mm lens and two supportive kiddos we headed to the backyard for this weeks assignment. We had a very thin layer of snow on the ground this morning so I made a line in the snow for Cade and a line in the snow for Kat. Trying to keep my subject framed the same in both pictures proved to be a bit tricky.  I ended up taking quite a few pictures not because they kept moving from their lines. No, it was because  my daughter was having a hard time not dancing on her line. Finally she held her pose good enough for two pictures!

I took this first with a focal length of 18mm

For this next picture I took about 5 steps back tried to frame as best I could the same picture as the top.  For this second picture I used a focal length of 55mm.

Both kids stayed on their line for both pictures. Note how much compression occurred when I zoomed in using the 55m lens. How much closer the fort looks in the background as well as the distance between the two kids!  The only person that moved in both pictures was me!



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