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Assignment #7 – Working with Focal Length

When I think about focal length I usually think about magnification.  For instance when you zoom in your subject becomes closer the longer your focal length. Makes sense! But that is not the only thing that happens I found out in this weeks assignment!

Assignment #7 – Working with Focal Length

This week we are going to compare two different pictures framed exactly the same.  What happens if you take two pictures with your subject in the same place. The only difference is you the photographer moves farther away from your subject and uses a different focal length to keep the image framed exactly the same. Today I was working with my 18-55mm lens experimenting with this assignment. I was using a focal length of 18mm for my first picture and then stepping back and framing the same image using a focal length of 55mm.

As I was researching focal length today I came across this post from Canon which I wanted to share on Focal Length Comparison.  Starting at 15mm -> 1200mm Canon compares how different an image looks using a wide lens all the way up to a very dramatic telephoto lens. Pretty cool!

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