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Winter Fog rolls in…

When I looked out the window earlier this week to see, well actually I could see nothing since the fog rolled in. I thought hmm photo opportunity. After I took the kids to school I drove around for a little bit looking for that photo opportunity. I drove through the fog and then took a trip high up the south hills to get above the fog. It’s amazing what a different perspective one can get when they look at something from a different angle.

This next picture is when I was in the fog! Note the arrow in the first picture is where the second picture was taken.

Sometimes you have to get out of the fog to see the light. When I think about looking at the world in a different way I always picture John Keating from Dead Poets Society standing on his desk during class! Love that movie! Definitely of my favorite movies Robin Williams was a part of. The other two movies that come to mind are “The world according to Garp” and “Good Will Hunting”.

Both pictures were taken with  a Canon 60D  using the  18-55mm kit lens!

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