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Learn By Doing – Focal Length vs DOF

This week we’re experimenting with focal length vs. DOF. I thought the result was pretty cool! Using Aperture Priority, but  leaving the aperture at f/5.6 for both pictures. I took this picture hand held at a coffee shop. This adds to what we have been learning… If you want a shallow depth of field there are three elements that you have to think about:

  1. The focal length of your lens
  2. The distance between you and the subject
  3. The aperture you select

These two pictures were hand held.  I focused on the cup in the first picture at a focal length of 55mm then I simple adjusted the focal length to 18mm without changing any of my settings (except the focal length)

The picture shot at 55mm f/5.6 definitely has a more shallow depth of field!

These are the results to week 6 of Learn By Doing – How does focal length work with depth of field?

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