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Assignment #6 – How does Focal length work with DOF

Saturday morning I quietly left the house before the kids were awake. Ready to enjoy my first cup of coffee with my friend Sarah. It has been 6 weeks since we started the idea of an assignment a week to help us push forward and really learn how to use our camera.  I can’t believe how much I have learned in these past few weeks. I am definitely someone who needs to learn by doing!

If any week you feel like joining in please do! It’s always more fun to learn with friends!

On to the assignment! Last week our assignment was working with different aperture settings. We learned a wider aperture can produce a shallow depth of field, but there is more to it… there are three factors that influence shallow depth of field.

  1. The focal length of your lens
  2. The distance between you and the subject
  3. The aperture you select

This week let’s work with focal length!

Assignment #6 -I used my 18-55mm lens for this experiment.  Set your focal length to 55mm and use your largest aperture mine was set at f/5.6 .  Keep your subject close (looking for that shallow depth of field) Take the picture, but don’t move you still need to take the second picture!

Picture #2 Doesn’t matter if you’re on a tripod or handheld, but don’t move simply change your focal length to 18mm your subject should still be in focus and take the picture.

Pretty simple!





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