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Christmas Card Idea!

Cheers from our family to yours!

Going to start this new year post with a picture of my kiddos! When it came time to think about Christmas Cards I wanted to challenge myself a little this year. What better way to challenge myself then to start off with a blank 5 x 7 card for Christmas Cards!

I wish I had taken a picture of our living room set up, but I didn’t! So let me explain how I set up!

1.  cover the couch with a black sheet

2. have the kids sit on the floor

3. position two light sources in the room one to the left of the kids and one slightly to the right behind them, but still facing them.

4. Camera on tripod

5. Once you have your camera dialed in plug in your remote and go for it!

What did I learn – Do all your pictures with the SAME set up!

I didn’t… I took pictures on two different nights and since my set up was on our living room couch I had to disassemble and reassemble my lights and sheet for the next night. Because of this small detail the lights were not exactly in the same position.

Luckily I had only 1 picture printed to see how it looked before I ordered all of them.  What was the problem? The background on the first day I had my light set up just right so the black looked 100% black the second time I didn’t have my lights set up exactly right and you could see a different shade of black on the other pictures. To solve this problem I extracted their itty bitty heads and edited the background so they all matched. This last step which took awhile would have been avoided if either A. I took all the pictures with the same set up or B. made sure my lights were in the exact same place they were the night before.

I used the remote for fun so we could all have fun taking pictures!


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