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A little sunshine in the winter

Last year I bought my first juicer! I must say we have enjoy it. Actually  I should say Best Purchase Ever! It hasn’t made it to the bottom cupboard or basement were all other fancy electrical appliances have moved.  No, it still resides on the counter as a constant reminder to use it.

In the winter fruit and vegetables tend to be a little pricey and sometimes not too tasty. But a trip to Costco this week brought home some tasty oranges, tangerines, apples and kiwi! Blended them all together to make one  yummy drink.

Of course the ones with fruit are top notch the kids drink it right up, and what they don’t finish I freeze into Popsicle for snacks down the road. The vegetable drinks they try, but so far I haven’t been able to come up with a winner taste like the fruit. My husband and I will try all the ones  ones I make some tolerable some not so much, but oddly enough I do feel I have more energy when I go on a juicing kick and serve it up!

From a mom side of life I love it.  Some kids aren’t picky eaters mine are! So how in the world do you get them to eat their fruits and vegetables. One bite of apple and my daughter is stuffed. One bit of carrot and my son is dramatically rolling on the floor explaining why he can’t eat a carrot. Solution juice it and when there not looking sneak a vegetable or two in there!

Here are the juice recipes we enjoy. Well I should say my husband and I like all of them the kids won’t go for anything with a carrot in it, yet)

2 oranges
1 granny smith apple

2 red apples
1 orange

2 oranges
2 tangerines
1 granny smith
1 kiwi
1/2 lemon

8 carrots
1 Tb ginger

8 carrots
1/4 beet
1 Tb. ginger

2 cups grapes
2 cucumbers
1 garlic
1 Tb ginger



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