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Understanding Exposure

I love the way a book feels in my hand. I love curling up on the couch with a cup of tea or a beer depending on the day and the mood. I have accumulated quite a few photography books some not so good some amazing. The ones I pick up at the local library usually make me laugh with the ladies and their big blond hair with colorful leg warmers. But once you get past the 80’s vib the information is still the same. Light still enters our lens and after a certain time we use our shutter speed to take a picture mixed in the ISO and you have a recorded image.

I bought Understanding Exposure by Brayn Peterson 2 years ago. I read the book, but not all the way through. At that time I was trying to figure out the aperture on the triangle, but today I picked it up to read about metering. It is a great book with beautiful pictures. Bryan Peterson is excellent at conveying to the reader exactly how exposure works. He talks about aperture, shutter speed, light and special techniques and filters. Since I bought mine he has newer version of Understanding Exposure  that you might want to check out! Would definitely recommend this book to anyone trying to understand exposure!

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