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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Five different snow exposure examples!

I found this text extremely helpful as I try to really understand my meter.  I did a test with -2, -1, 0 +1 +2  using a tripod I have my f stop set to 8 / ISO 100 / focal length 55 mm for all 5 images.  To adjust the meter I adjusted my shutter speed by one stop. A stop is double or half the light.

This first one is  -2 @6400 shutter speed:

This next picture is at 1 which changed the shutter speed to 3200:

This is what the camera said was metered correctly at 0 the shutter speed was 1600:

Next we have 1 with a shutter speed @800:

Now this last one is at 2 shutter speed @400 and it looks the most accurate out of the 5:

I found this interesting because I always hear you should open up 2 stops when your picture has a lot of white. Since the cameras meter is going to try to make it gray we need to add a little light. Add light to light!

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