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Case Logic SLR Sling

This one is pretty cool! A case logic SLR Sling for $46.98 which is 41% savings! That is awesome! I seem to have a thing for camera bags. Not shoes, not purses or a any other kind of shopping, but camera bags.

I have accumulated an odd bunch of them that is for sure. My strangest one was probably a Nintendo bag that I thought would carry one lens perfectly. That was the year my mom shook her head and bought me a Thinktank backpack for Christmas.  Which is pretty stinkin awesome I must say.  Camera bags come in all shapes and sizes and my latest one I think about is a sling back pack.  I am always looking for convenience factor. Especially with kids I want to be able to slide my camera somewhere safe while I open a bag or twist the top off something. Anyway I thought this one was pretty cool!


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