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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Check your camera bag Before you leave!

Thought I would head out last night with the tripod and take some pictures down town. Thought I had everything I needed, but I didn’t. Got the tripod ready for action went to put the camera on the tripod and realized I didn’t have a quick release plate on the camera! What a bummer….  I usually just leave it on the camera at all times, but I took it off the other day to take a picture of the camera itself. I wanted the camera level for the picture so I took off the plate. What did I learn ALWAYS check your camera bag to make sure you have everything before you go!

Here is a list of items I try to double check:

1. Exposure Compensation

2. Check lens to see if it is on M or AF

3. All accessories to tripod including quick release pad

4. Battery

5. Memory Card (have forgotten that as well before)

If you forget your card your picture will look like this!

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