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Learn By Doing Photography

Assignment – Join us and learn How to use your DSLR!

Learn By Doing!

Do you have a DSLR camera, but are not totally sure about how to move forward? Yeah me too… I have had mine for 2 years yet I feel like I am barely touching the surface! I want to learn more…

Want to join us! We sure want you too! We are starting at the beginning and pushing ourselves to become better photographers! There is so much to learn…. I don’t know all the answers that’s for sure, but what I learn I will share! What I don’t know I will try to find the answer to! If I am totally wrong about something please let me know! I may say open up when I actually mean close down, that still confuses me.

How to Join!

Each Friday I will post a new assignment for the following week. Some Assignments will help us better understand our camera while some will be just picking up our camera and taking pictures.  I am ready to learn, are you? I know life is busy with distractions every moment, but try one challenge then take some time off for soccer or whatever I totally understand, but when you’re ready to start up again we will be here and you can jump right back in!

You can add your assignment photo with a link to your site, you can link back to mine if you like. Comment on each others photos and push each other forward.

How the idea came about – My friend Sarah bought a Canon Rebel XSi at the same time I did. She too is busy with kids, school, work, family and everything else mixed up in our crazy lives. During this past year a lot of our projects seem to have been put on hold. So we decided while sitting at coffee to meet every Sunday morning before the kids were out of their pajamas, before the sun made its first appearance, before anyone yelled “Mom”! This was a time slot we both could work with! This is when we thought up our challenge – every week we will pick a new topic and research it on our own and photograph it. o.k. game on! We enrolled ourselves in our own school! I loved the idea so much I added a new category to DigitalCamFan – “Learn By Doing“! So pick up your camera and let’s push forward together!

I am friendly so just stop in and say hi anytime. I think learning is so much more fun when you do it with someone who is just as interested as you are!  The picture above was taken by my friend Sarah and I last year while we played with light and background!

On to 2013 Assignment # 1 – Understanding your Aperture


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