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Canon Metering Mode 60D

Where to find the Canon Metering Mode on the Canon 60D. There are actually two places you will find the metering mode. The first place to find the metering mode is on the top LCD panel.

Simply bush the button directly above the image of the meter. Once you push that button the meter mode is the only image that will show on your LCD panel. Simply turn your quick control dial on the back of the camera or the  main dial on the top of the camera to move between your four choices. Evaluative metering, partial metering, spot metering and center-weighted average metering.

The second way to change the metering mode on your Canon 60d on the back of your camera.

On the back of your 60d is button with a Q in a square. This stands for Quick Control Mode. Once you push that button the back LCD will show all your options.  The arrow pad on the quick control dial on the back of your camera will move you through the list. Turn the dial to access different settings (or use the main dial on top of your camera)

Once you decide which one you want push set (in the middle of the dial)

Evaluative Metering – Is the fool proof setting, your camera decides what is best. Takes in the entire scene automatically.

Partial Metering – Partial Metering covers approximetely 6.5% of the viewfinder area.

Spot Metering – Spot Metering covers approximately 2.8% of the viewfinder area.

Center-Weighted Average Metering – Metering is weighted at the center and then averaged for the entire scene.

Tomorrow I will go a little more in depth about what I have learned so far about metering with Canon Metering Modes

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