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Top 10 Gift Ideas for your family photographer

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone my thoughts now turn to Christmas! When shopping for my own kiddos it’s a piece of cake! They tell me constantly what they want or what they need at this exact moment.  Kids in general are easy to shop for, but adults are a different story.  The only person I don’t shop for at Christmas is my husband! When we first started dating18 years ago we agreed we wouldn’t buy each other a Christmas gift. At the time we were broke and trying to shop for everyone else in our family it just made sense not to. Neither of us have ever broken that agreement. We give plenty of gifts to each other year round so when it comes to Christmas we focus our attention on kids and family.

Adults are a tricky to buy for, but if you know someone who is into photography I wrote a list of the top 10 camera accessories you can buy for a friend or family this Christmas that won’t break the bank, well most of them won’t! The first 7 are all under $35.00. The last 3 are a little more, but not much!

1. Macro Extension Tube Set for Close-ups. The extension turns your existing lens into a macro lens! I will let you know how this one works since my mother-in-law told me she bought it for my birthday! Should arrive next week! I am excited to try it out and see how close you can get with this extension. Plus you can’t beat the price only $10.95.

2. Camera Strap. I saw this one on Amazon with a pretty cool design! I have a friend who has a different strap than what came with her Canon and it looks so comfy compared to mine. Mine always seems to be cutting into my neck when I hold it through my arm. This camera strap is only $35.00!

3. Camera Backpack – This one seems like a pretty great bag with great reviews for only $32.99. You can fit 2 smaller SLR camera bodies plus 3-4 lenses inside. Plus a little extra room for small accessories that you might need while out on a shoot. like your Canon Remote Switch.

4. Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3 – I have this one in my bag, it’s great for when you have your camera on the tripod whether it’s taking a picture of the family or beautiful scene.  For only $21.50! It’s connected to the camera so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it.  The next one is the wireless remote which I do admit I misplace sometimes when shooting.

5. Opteka RC-4 Wireless Remote – You can only use this one if you are standing in front of the camera. If you’re in the family picture or for a creative shot when you need to be adjusting items/people in front of the camera.  This one is on sale right now for only $8.95!

6. Everyone could use an extra SD card. You will have to know what camera they use to make sure you get the correct one.  There have been plenty of times I have left the house only to turn the camera on to see the view finder read No Card.  After the first time I went and purchased a back up so I would always have a spare card in my bag. This SDHC Card is only $19.99.

7. Small  Camera Case – This one caught my eye because I am always tossing my camera in my purse instead of my camera bag when going someplace quick like the store. I always try to have my camera on me just in case the moment arises when I might need it. Sometimes I will wrap it in a towel just to give it a little extra protection. I know probably not the best idea, but this little case seems like the ticket.  This case is only $12.99.

8. Camera Sling Backpack – I personally like this one! Seems like a great day hike camera bag. You can sling it over your shoulder, but when you need your camera you just reach in the side pocket and take it out. You don’t even have to take the bag off. Pretty Nifty item for $59.99!

9. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II camera lens is the best thing in my camera bag, and for only $106.25 it is well worth the investment.  So if you know someone with a Canon and they only have the kit lens this is the perfect gift idea! Trust me they will love this one!

10. Manfrotto 190XProB3 Section Aluminum Pro Tripod – This is the tripod I have which is amazing! Right now it there is a rebate going after rebate it’s only $115.66 which is a super price for a tripod. I have had mine for 2 years now without a complaint.


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