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Fall is in the air

Taking my daughter to school this morning felt like a fall morning. The ground was still wet from a little rain fall earlier this morning, the sun just coming over the mountains. Seriously… the sun couldn’t rise at a more perfect time for us. Every morning on our walk to school the sun is just coming up over the mountains. I am making up for all the sun rises I have missed in my life.

Every morning I drop my daughter off and go for a 30 minute walk or run before I start the day. Some mornings I bring the camera some days I just bring my MP3 player. This morning I choose the camera as I walked out so I could take in the fall morning at a much slower pace.

This first picture I took I used my EF-S 55-250mm lens at F-Stop 6.3 shutter speed 1/40sec, aperture priority. If I had noticed the 1/40 sec on this photo I might have taken another one at 1/60th, but I think it came out o.k. for hand held. There is a dark house behind which made a great back drop and by bringing up my contrast in Photoshop it made it look black.

Here are a few more from my morning adventure. I love the feelings I get when the seasons change each one bringing a different wave of anticipation. Fall makes me feel a need to start racking before the leaves have even fallen. Pull all the hoses inside so they don’t freeze during the winter months. Pull out the sweaters and pour myself a cup of hot tea instead of iced tea.

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