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Canon XSi automatic setting

O.k. so a few days turned out to be more like a week!

This was my first trip without my husband and two children…. Dad did awesome as Mr. Mom taken on everything! No this trip was for my  mom and me. We flew to California to visit family. Just a quick visit to check in on the grandma’s.  I wish I lived closer to family!

San Jose proved to be as crazy as I remember this time we rented a GPS unit which was awesome it got us around like a charm absolutely amazing This was much better then having your head down looking at the google map you printed before you left home. The only time it led us astray was on the way back to the airport. The pretty voice said proceed to the left lane so I did crossing 4 lanes of traffic to get there and then she said exit right… Driving on and off freeways is not my cup of tea.  Seeing my two lovely grandma’s was a treasure each so amazing in their own special way.

This picture was taken by my mom with my camera. Another excellent feature about the Canon XSi you can be as creative as you want or just put it on automatic and hand the camera to someone.

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