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Understanding how Shutter Speed and F-Stop work together

Shutter speed and f-stops are directly related to each other since both affect the amount of light that reaches the sensor. Shutter speed does so by the amount of time you leave the shutter open.  Aperture does so through the size of the lens opening. To make one-stop change with either your shutter speed or your f-stop  you have to make a change in the opposite direction with the other. So if you Open Up one stop (Let more light in) with your shutter  you must Stop Down one stop (Let less light in) with your aperture.

Now this example is cool:

All these exposure settings will the the same amount of light in as f/16 @ 1/125

  • f/11 @ 1/250
  • f/8 @ 1/500
  • f/5.6 @ 1/1000
  • f4 @ 1/4000
  • f/2 @ 1/8000

You work with these two settings – shutter speed and f-stop to determine how much light reaches your sensor. But they don’t only alter your light the faster shutter speed has the ability to freeze motion.

Understanding Exposure
Understanding F-Stop
Understanding Shutter Speed

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