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Working with light – Dark background.

Working with light – Dark background.

The more I try to understand how light plays a role in photography.  The less I seem to understand! For every step taken forward 20 new questions arise that I hadn’t thought of before.

Any amazing picture you see be it someone sitting down or in motion, to an apple on top of the table. There is always the question of light. How did someone get the light to be just right!

On my first attempt I had the guitar laying down on a black sheet on the kitchen table. But I wasn’t liking how flat the picture looked or the fact that you could tell the guitar was laying on a sheet on the kitchen table.

After taking quite a few photos at different angels. I thought back to all the flower pictures I had taken.  To get that dark black background I needed distance between the guitar and the background.  So I moved the guitar to a guitar stand and set up the sheet about 5 feet behind the guitar.  Turned all the lights off except for the one hand held spot light. This next photo was the best photo I had to show what the set up was.

My husband and I worked on this for 2 hours after the kids went to bed one night.  We both had lots of ideas as we tried different light sources.  It sure is nice working with someone on a project like this. Someone to bounce ideas off of and listen to suggestions.

Shutter Speed: 1/50 sec
f /1.8
ISO 800
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.8
No Flash

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