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What a little contrast can do in photoshop

What a little contrast can do in Photoshop…

First let me start off by saying I am not an expert in Photoshop or photography… I just enjoy it!

I was amazed at what a difference the contrast tool can make on an image. Out of all the pictures I have taken I thought this one  really demonstrated how amazing this tool is.

First of all you might want to read how I took the picture of the water droplet. I think the fact that there was a colored light under the drum head is why this picture brings in such color. When i first looked at the picture I figured the flash light I was using was too small. Just not enough power to light the image, but the softness of the light is what I ended up loving.

In Photoshop there are a few ways to do contrast – the one I used for this image was

Image — adjustments — levels…

You can see the histogram in the levels dialog box, make sure you check the preview checkbox so you can preview your work as you go. Under the histogram image is your input slider (black point, gamma, and white point on the right)  What I did was bring the black point to the edge of where the histgram starts. giving me an input level of 170 | 1.00 | 255

Play with these levels for awhile until you get the contrast exactly where you want it. I went a bit dark on the contrast, but that was just a personal preference.

I only 2 other things when editing this photo. Seems like I use the sharpen tool on all my photos.

Filter — Sharpen — Sharpen

The other tool was the clone stamp. I used that to take out the dusk particles that seemed to appear when I added the contrast, will write a post of about the clone stamp next.

If you want to share your favorite contrast tool please do. Or if you want to correct me on my technique also feel free to always ready to learn something new!

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2 Responses to “What a little contrast can do in photoshop”

  1. Try using unsharp mask, also convert the image to Lab Color and only adjust the lightness chennel… will be great result then change back to rgb or cmyk, no loss.

    Posted by enrique cubillo | January 31, 2010, 5:23 am
  2. Thanks so much!!! I have not tried either of those techniques before, will definitely try them out on this photo, thanks!

    Posted by admin | February 1, 2010, 4:12 am

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