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Using the Self-timer DSLR – Canon XSi

The self-timer is not just for when you want to be in the family picture.

The Canon DSLR comes with three different choices

  • 10-second. self timer
  • 2-second self timer
  • 10-second self-timer plus continuous shots.

When using the 10-second self-timer plus continuous shots you take anywhere between 2-10 pictures.

If you are taking a picture of yourself you can still use the auto focus. Find something that is the same distance where you will be standing and focus on that.

If you are taking pictures on a tri-pod but don’t have a remote control shutter just put your camera on self-timer then you don’t have to worry about any extra camera shake when you push the shutter button.

Need a remote control for your Canon XSi?

The Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3 is great! I use mine a lot.  Set you camera to Self-timer/remote control, plug in on the left side of your camera and you’re ready to go! Today it’s only $21.95 on sale that is a savings of 27%!

The Opteka RC-4 Wirelss Remote Control I own this one as well and I do like it.  You have to use this one while standing in front of the camera. This one is great for group photos with you in it.  Since it’s wireless you can just hide it in your hand and take the picture.  Just turn your drive mode to self-timer remote control and you’re good to go! The price of this one can’t be beat on sale today at only $7.95 that is a 73% savings!

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