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Playing with water take 2- shooting water at high speed

My 2nd attempt shooting water with a fast shutter speed.

If you want to see some more shots from this batch check out my flickr water set.

My friend and I once again set up our working area in the kitchen. We had a couple of ideas from last weeks photo shoot to try out. More light was an issue…. my clever husband who always has a great idea, of course had a great idea. He suggested we buy a clear drum head for the kit then we would be able to put a light inside the drum shinning under the water.

On some of the pictures I used an external flash when doing so I was able to get it closer to 500 on the shutter speed anything faster then that and the picture would end up half black. I guess the flash was quicker then the camera could take the picture. Some had a flash some didn’t this one had a flash.

We tried different lights, flashlights, food coloring, shutter speeds everything.

We used a mirror as well, but we didn’t really utilize it it just sat in the background eventually we put a blue piece of paper over it for a backdrop. Will have to experiment with the mirror again.

This is what we used to get the picture

Canon XSi
Shutter Speed – 400
F-stop – 5.6
Focal Length – 55mm
external flash

Clear drum head
Filled top of drum head with clear water
Washcloth full of water slowly dripping onto drum head
small flash light that had red green and blue inside drum
Some pictures we held a light shinning on the water from above some used external flash.

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