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Playing with Water – Shooting water at high speed

Shooting water at high speed – I have been having fun trying to understand the shutter speed on my DSLR camera.  Really I am just playing around making a colorful mess in the kitchen, but having fun doing it.

I borrowed my son’s drum set, taking the kick drum I placed it on the counter then proceeded to pour water on it. After that I took the food coloring and put a few drop around the edges. While my friend began to play I began to take pictures. These were the best two! Still trying to understand light vs. shutter speed… Once I opened up the shutter speed the picture became to dark. I couldn’t get enough light for the shot most of them were to dark even with the drum set on the counter in front of a window. I wanted the shutter speed at least 1000, but it was just to dark.

So I used the flash on the camera, which is usually my last resort. Now when using the flash you don’t get the consecutive instant shots there is a delay between the shot. The highest my shutter would go was 1/200 sec on continuous with the flash on.

Will try again…

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