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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Basic Shooting Canon XSi Mode Dial – Basic Zone

Basic Zone – (Automatic mode) fully automatic shooting for specific kinds of subjects, camera will adjust automatically to certain situations. To prevent any mistakes taken by the user shooting settings can’t be changed in basic zone. Just look at the subject point and shoot. Doesn’t get easier then that!

Auto (green box / camera symbol) in this mode, your camera will choose what it sees as the best settings for your current situation. This is basically a “hands-off” mode, allowing you to simply frame the image and take the picture. Everything is adjusted within the camera automatically. If you need a flash the flash will automatically pop open.

Portrait – the camera uses a wider aperture opening allowing for a shallow depth of field. Which means the subject will be in focus while everything in front or behind the subject will not be. It blurs the background to make the subject stand out. The more distance between the subject and the background the better.

Landscape – The camera uses a smaller aperture opening, allowing for a wider depth of field, meaning the foreground as well as the background will be in focus. Mostly used for wide scenery.

Close-up – This mode will allow you to focus on objects close up. The camera will open the aperture to allow in more light, which gives a shallow depth of field. This is good for photographing flowers anything up close.

Sports – The camera will use a faster shutter speed to capture motion without blurring. It will also be set on continuous so you can take quick successions of pictures.

Night Portrait – The camera uses slower shutter speed and wider aperture opening. Under low-light the flash will automatically fire. You might want to use a tripod on night shot depending on how slow your shutter speed is.

Flash Off – Disables the flash for places where flash is not acceptable like a museum.

Next you will want to learn Advanced Shooting Modes.

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