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Getting ready for the day…

As she stood in front of the mirror getting ready I just had to smile at how cute she was. Her grandma had just braided her hair. After she added some extra barrettes she thought she would put the finishing touches of blush. How did she become such a girl… and what I am going to do…. I am not nor have I ever been a girly girl who would spend hours getting herself ready. Perhaps when I was three I did I don’t know. As I watch her standing there so independent I am amazed and in love.

The light was coming from the bathroom door shinning on her left side. On the right was the bedroom window. I took at least 50 pictures of her trying to get the right picture. These were my two favorites out of the batch. Light is such a tricky thing to understand it has a life of its own as it dances on different areas. Only when I pull the image up in Photoshop do I see shadows where I didn’t before. I am trying to be more aware of the whole picture not just what I think I see.

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