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What defines a portrait?

What defines a portrait? Is it considered a portrait if only the head and shoulders are in the shot? Can it be a full length shot? Or does the person have to be engaging the photographer looking directly at you to be considered a portrait?

I took this picture of my grandma while at a tea shop during Christmas. I do love this picture… I also love the lady in the frame…. She is one of the most amazing women I know 89 years old always up for trying something new, always on the go. She has had her hard moments in life and has been blessed with beautiful ones as well. She chooses to take life a day at a time enjoying every moment. She told me when she retired she had this idea of going through all the old photos and putting them in photo albums, but she said she is just too busy even now to sit down – busy with life. As she tips her head back so she can enjoy the moment of the snow falling on her hair and her face. She drinks life in and I love her for it. Wait a minute lost myself…. But the question, is it a portrait? What defines a portrait?

As I was sitting on the steps by the Christmas tree my husband took the camera from me to take a few shots. Don’t have very many of me since I am the one who is always running around with the camera. So I decided to use this as my new profile picture on twitter and flickr. Time to take the rolling mountain down and be me… this picture  would be considered self portrait. Any thoughts?

Both pictures were taken using the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens!

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