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Having fun with flowers

I have been having fun taking pictures of flowers, and the great thing about flowers  they are an inexpensive way to practice.

I recently had a birthday which was the perfect opportunity to take some photos of some beautiful flowers. First I put the bouquet right in the sun on the table, but that was crazy overexposure. So I moved them into the shade right next to the sunlight and found some white paper. Having two children I always have plenty of paper lying around. I stayed in that spot for awhile fascinated by the fact that a single piece of white paper could reflect so much light making the picture so much more softer. That’s when I went and found different sizes and colors of paper. When holding up a neon pink piece of paper to reflect the light it gave the appearance of a pink filter. I supported the background by using a box of cereal and just started having fun.

I learned a lot by just moving the flowers around and trying different light. A couple tips I  learned along the way about photographing close up flowers.

  1. Don’t wait for the flowers to be in bloom outside, buy them.  You can go in the flower shop and pick which one you want.
  2. Don’t just stand over the flower zoom in and click. Move around make it fun, try shooting from the side of the flower or up from the bottom. Even if you don’t end up with a perfect shot you still learn something about light and different angles.
  3. Buy some poster board or mounting board in different colors. Use them for different color backgrounds.
  4. When shooting a black background if you want the background really black make sure there is some space between your flower and the background so your light falls off.

If you want to check out a truly amazing photo of a Lily as well as others check out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charliecharlwood/4140712657/

Please feel free to comment or add any tips always something new to learn!

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