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Set up my first Flickr account!

LightDarkI set up my first Flickr Account http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalcamfan!

This past weekend I took my new Canon XSi out for a spin in the woods.  The kids and I packed up and took a short little drive, the sun was out it felt warm today. Always fun to go on an adventure I had my camera, and my son had the Olympus together I think we took around 300 pictures.

I tried all the different settings on the camera, played with depth of field and had a blast. When we got back we took a look at our pictures I was extremely happy with the quality of the pictures I took.  But really the pictures I took were all ones I would have taken with my point and shoot. I do enjoy my point and shoot, I have not missed one month of my kids lives with the camera. I take so many pictures of them, but all the pictures are just making sure it is not blurry and you can see the kids in the frame.

I want to find my artistic eye, I want to take pictures that provoke an emotion. A few years back a photographer friend did a photo shoot for 2 hours at the park with my then 4 year old son. My son was all over the place throwing leaves at the camera, running circles around all of us. At the end, I apologized and asked it we could try again next week because obviously he wasn’t able to capture anything. But the next day he sent me about 80 pictures each one more amazing then the next. He managed to catch the spirit of my son, the fun we were all having. I was blown away by them. That is what I what to be able to do. I want to capture a moment in time, a feeling. Not just a picture of someone to remember, but a moment.

I understand the art of photography is behind the lens, it is an art that I respect and admire. Anyway I have a long way to go and maybe I will never get there, but the journey is what it is all about.

I set up a flickr account with my pictures, any advice is always welcome. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Set up my first Flickr account!”

  1. I love your story! You will capture the emotion- I’m sure of it!

    Posted by HunterbGood | November 18, 2009, 5:35 pm
  2. You’re so sweet! It will be fun sharing the experience with you as we figure it out!

    Posted by adminad | November 18, 2009, 5:46 pm

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