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Why I wanted an DSLR camera

Why I wanted a DSLR camera

I have been researching digital cameras for awhile now looking for the perfect one for me.

My journey started when I tried my mother-in-laws Canon Rebel XT at the park one day back in August. I had taken a bunch of pictures of everyone that day using my Olympus 1050SW camera and the pictures were good my usual day at the park kind of pictures. Then my mother-in-law asked if I wanted to try out her camera, I was in love… It felt so good in my hands, the lens was so clear to look through, the focus was like silk. I was in love, and I wanted this camera.  So I must say I did shut myself in somewhat of box when researching because I really wanted a Canon.

Finally after trying to figure out how to get the money, deciding between the final two choices the Canon Rebel XSi and the Canon Rebel XS I found the camera for me…

The Canon Rebel XSi which I got a great deal on, and I am all for a great deal! Now the hard part I need to wait for it to be delivered… But I am excited to share with you my experiences a long the way.

This will be my first DSLR camera, and I am very excited to start learning how to use it. I have always loved photography and admired the talent behind the lens.  I love talking about cameras and researching them. I want to be able to take amazing pictures of my two children, but I also want something for me.

Check back and together we can figure it out!

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