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Why I decided to purchase the Canon XSi over the XS

Why I decided to purchase the Canon XSi over the XS

I was faced with 3 choices The Canon Rebel T1i the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel XS.

At first the T1i was where I was going only because I was blinded by the cool idea of taking HD videos, but after much thought I decided I wanted the camera to take pictures not video besides I have my Flip Cam that does an awesome job at that already.

So now my choice was down to the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel XS. After going back and forth on the cost and no one really being able to say why the XSi was $100+ The main answer I got even at the store was the difference in MP and the LCD display. I was starting to lean toward the XS for the price since 10.1 MP and the LCD display was fine with me.

The Canon Rebel XSi had 12.2 MP and a 3″LCD display
The Canon Rebel XS had 10.1MP and a 2.5″ LCD display

I gave the 2 options to a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer. Without a question he said he would buy the Canon Rebel XSi because of the spot meter. Not because of the MP or the LCD display! Of course he had to explain to me what a spot meter is…

Spot metering is very accurate and is not influenced by other areas in the frame. If you have an extremely dark background, but you want your subjects face not to be over exposed when you take the picture you want a spot meter without a spot meter the average of light in the picture will be used which makes it easy to overexpose your subjects face. He said he had to buy a separate spot meter for his camera which cost him $200. He said if you are serious about taking great pictures that is a feature you will want on your camera.

So I was sold by the confidence that if he was to pick one this would be the one he would get.  As luck would have it I searched the internet looking for a deal and found an amazing deal, check it out if you are interested in purchasing one, Canon Rebel XSi

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